Requesting service for bypassing SmartGuard for GamezBDO.

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Requesting service for bypassing SmartGuard for GamezBDO.

Postby Mukuro » 9:35 pm, Wed Jun 23, 2021

Hi Sorien,

I wanted to ask if you could provide a bypass for SmartGuard on GamezBDO. I am willing to pay for this service and I would greatly appreciate notes.

I am looking to just dump the game memory so that I can peak around with IDA PRO and get my off sets.

My attempts at bypassing SmartGuard have led to a lot of BSODs and probably because I shouldn't be messing around with the kernel but I really don't know how else to tackle this. I am working on the assumption that ObRegisterCallBacks is the main anti debugger implementation in SmartGuard.

GamezBDO also does something funky where it stores the game in BlackDesert64.bin and it adds complication. (on retail/official, you typically would just get right to dumping the memory).


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