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General Rules & Guidelines

Postby Sorien » 11:33 am, Sat Aug 06, 2016

These rules are subject to change and additions.
General Rules
The following rules apply to all forums, Magestorm, Hook64, and the Discord server.

1. No Sharing Gamemodi Keys.
Doing so will warrant an immediate permanent ban.

2. No Flaming, Harassment, Trolling. or Spamming

3. Be respectful to all members.
If you cause problems for any staff member you may receive a warning, suspension, or a permanant ban.

Forum Rules
The following rules apply only to the forums.

1. No Posting Copyrighted Content (Movies, Software, etc.)

2. No Posting Ban Dispute Threads
If you wish to dispute your ban, please email
Any player posting a ban dispute thread will receive a warning on both accounts.

Magestorm In-Game Rules
The following rules apply only in-game.

1. No EXP Pumping
EXP Pumping is where you enter a match with the intent to gain experience without actually playing.
Example: A player stands still and allows other players to kill, hit, heal, or raise them without any intention of fighting back for the purpose of gaining experience.
Note: Running multiple clients and pumping will be grounds for an immediate permanent ban.

2. No Walling Teammates
Walling is when you TRAP a person INSIDE a wall such as Stonewall or Icewall.
Walling enemies is a completely legal tactic.
(Although continuously following a player and walling them can be considered harassment.)

3. No Intentional Spell Clipping
Spell clipping is when a spell is used in certain situations in relationship to game map objects and walls to render the spell invisible to players due to graphics engine bugs or map bugs.
Note: This includes clipping objects such as trees, pillars, and pool walls, and clipping walls at an angle.

4. No Team Stacking
Joining a team to intentionally imbalance a game is not allowed.

Being in violation of any of these rules can either warrant a warning, or an outright permanent account ban.

Your Magestorm characters may be deleted if I deem it warranted due to breaking the rules such as pumping.
Your first offense will warrant a warning..
Your second offense will warrant a 24 hour account suspension or a warning.
Your third offense will warrant a 1 week account suspension.
Your fourth offense will be a permanent account & computer ban.

All decisions are up to the acting admins best judgment.
Claiming ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

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