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Subscription FAQ

Postby Sorien » 5:58 pm, Fri Sep 09, 2016

Q. What is Hook64 exactly?
A. Hook64 is a program that was originally made for my personal use as well as friends for the games I actively played. I decided to publicly release it with a monthly fee for some games so other people could benefit from it as well if they wanted to. Hook64 will not always be available for every game I add... eventually support for games will be removed if I feel like it would be unrealistic to keep it up to date for said game.

Please don't buy a subscription unless you understand that you are entitled to nothing other than the base functionality of Hook64 itself.

Q. How do I subscribe for Gamemodi Plus/Hook64?
A. Go here to make an account: Register
After making an account and confirming your email, go here and buy credits: Manage Account
After you buy credits, click the Buy Options button to add time to your subscription.

Q. How do I use Hook64 on multiple computers?
A. The base subscription for Hook64 comes with 1 key instance allowing you to use Hook64 on one PC at a time, while a Lifetime subscription also comes with one extra letting you use 2 PCs at a time.
You can buy up to five extra key instances from the manage account page here after logging in.
Each key instance is a one-time fee of $15.

Q. Are credits a one time purchase, or does it charge me every month?
A. Credit purchases are a one time transaction.

Q. What is Lifetime? (Lifetime subscriptions are no longer available.)
A. Lifetime is a subscription option that will give you access to anything I create for as long as I'm able to, without the need to pay the monthly fee.

I will also give certain benefits to Lifetime members such as special exploits in games, or implementing a specific feature they want.. however, these are not guaranteed and you shouldn't buy Lifetime expecting to receive anything special other than the Lifetime membership itself.

Q. Can I get a refund on my credits and/or subscription?
A. The only time you're eligible for a refund is if you accidentally send multiple payments for one transaction, otherwise all purchases are non-refundable and any charge-backs or Paypal disputes will be treated as fraud and handled accordingly. All charge-backs and non-erroneous refunds will result in your computer being permanently banned from future Gamemodi/Hook64 usage.

Q. Will paying for a subscription guarantee that I'll always have access to every feature that was listed when I bought the subscription?
A. Unfortunately, no. I can't control what other developers do to their games/services, so when you buy a subscription please keep in mind that features may change at any time.

Q. Can I be banned in a game by using the cheats in Hook64?
A. Yes, you can... however, I do my best to make Hook64 itself undetectable and warn users if a hack is risky. You take full responsibility for your own actions and understand that being banned is a possibility while using cheats.

Q. I haven't received my credits yet, what do I do?
A. If its been over one hour and you haven't received your credits yet then please click here to email support, click here to send Sorien a PM via the forums, or contact Sorien on Telegram here.

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