[Release] TOSBot Script

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[Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Nowayrlz » 6:04 pm, Tue Oct 25, 2016

This is a script made with the example code provided by Sorien and improved by NWR(me) and TheReturn.
Current Version: 1.4
  • Auto attack any monster or only the ones you selected
  • Automatic loot everything or only what you choose
  • Use chosen potion based on your relative HP/SP
  • Rotate your skills during attack
  • Waypoint walker - You can set a path for the bot to go through
  • Refill your potions
  • AutoBuff - Use your selected buffs once your buff is over
  • Automatic Sells your loot once you are full - based on your configuration
  • AntiStuck implemented for looting and monsters
Installation guide:
  1. Download the Script in the attachments.
  2. Extract it into your Hook64 folder.
  3. [OPTIONAL]Read the Read-me files inside Docs\TOSBot\
  4. Open TOSBot.lua ->Hook64\Scripts\TOSBot.lua with any text editor
  5. Edit the configs to match your desires and save
  6. Open Hook64 and start TOS
  7. Once you are inside the map you want to start botting, use Ctrl+Insert to insert a waypoint position
  8. Do step 7 how many times you want. Note: to run the bot properly it's recommended to set at least 3 waypoint positions.
  9. Press Home and be happy!

Ctrl+Insert = Add waypoint position.
Ctrl+Delete = Delete last waypoint pos added.
Home = Start the script.
End = Stop the script.

Note to leechers/leakers/stealers: Be careful! If I see this posted anywhere else, I'll call SorienMyth to rape you.
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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Piama » 7:17 am, Thu Jan 05, 2017

Thanks you for your bot program, but i find it's hard to use correctly... Do you have a more advanced guide ? thanks in advance.

PS : Sometimes my bot has deconnected after 10-15 min, sometimes less...

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Valencik123 » 9:29 am, Sat Feb 25, 2017

This bot script will updated?

Looks nice but he have some trouble. One big problem - after sometime (like ~20 min) bot can want cast any skill but can't do it (because he have bugged cast animation - stuck). I think this problem with stuck cast animation have many players (high ping or official potato client). The bot try to cast skill more and more and after ~10 casts use quit (seems like click to button "Logout") to page with server list. After that you will MANUALLY choose your server and click on button "CONNECT" (bot can't auto reconnect).

This is one of big problem in this bot script now. If this will be fixed all be good.

ps: also question - can i change this option (quit after some problem cast skill to server list page) manually to any value?

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Valencik123 » 12:43 am, Mon Aug 07, 2017

Any good news (about update)? Anyone have any contacts with tosbot script creator?
If we not have any updates - maybe some money will give the creator motivation to update this script? I think many people will support me in this idea.

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Camusdragon » 8:53 pm, Sun Oct 15, 2017

:x How do I attack with the sub weapon?

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Dvbshisha » 5:34 pm, Sun Oct 29, 2017

my character doest atk?

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Humana » 11:47 pm, Thu Nov 30, 2017

My character does not use Caltrops. AOE skill
Is there a way for my bot to use that skill?
Are AOE skills still not supported by this hook

Code: Select all

---Skill ID Table (Only Single Target Skills Works) - enter nil to disable
---exemple: local SklTarget = {30107,30103,30106}		
local SklTarget = {30202}

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Homogamez » 12:44 pm, Fri Jan 05, 2018

anyone keeping up with bot or can update it?

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Extinguisher » 1:38 pm, Thu Mar 08, 2018

how to work ? have a guide ?

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Vitorvitor02 » 10:47 pm, Tue Apr 02, 2019

how I found the ID of itens, monster or skills?

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Maddogz » 12:10 pm, Fri May 24, 2019

is there anyway i could edit waypoint? where is saved . hard to check if it within range 1500.

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Tospower » 11:21 am, Tue Jun 04, 2019

Maddogz wrote:
12:10 pm, Fri May 24, 2019
is there anyway i could edit waypoint? where is saved . hard to check if it within range 1500.
This script is work? Cuz after Re:build in January i can't entered in my client with applied this script in folder, client was crashed every time when i try launch it.

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Re: [Release] TOSBot Script

Postby Sorien » 11:22 am, Fri Jul 19, 2019

Tree of Savior will no longer be supported, and this script is obsolete. I'll keep the post here for archival purposes and lock it.

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