Remember LoK? (Legends of Kesmai)

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Re: Remember LoK? (Legends of Kesmai)

Postby Liukan » 8:25 am, Thu May 12, 2022

Not to necro an old thread, but for those that might be interested, there is another LOK project out there.

This one is an actual sequel brought to you by Gateway Development LLC. It is built using Unreal Engine 5 and is called Legacy of Kesmai. Legacy is a 3D MMO sequel of LOK. It takes place 20 years later from when LOK was taken down and, during that time, darkness has covered Kesmai.

Gateway Development LLC has been developing Legacy for over a year now, and also has a few other projects in the works... but mainly focused on getting Legacy up!

Please join us on our Discord for updates.

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